Photography resume

Arne de Knegt's work has been published and exhibited in Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands and the United States, and is in private collections in Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands and the United States

+ 2013
exhibition (Artefacting): (spring) Global Village @ Queens Museum of Art, NYC, USA
+ 2012
exhibition (Artefacting): (nov) Buzzing Dharavi @ CoCCA, Coimbatore, India
exhibition (Artefacting): (jul) 4 Continents for Change @ Soho Photo Gallery, NYC, USA
exhibition (Artefacting): (may-jun) European Photo Festival @ Chiostri della Ghiara, Reggio Emilia, Italy
exhibition (Artefacting): (may-jul) Global Village @ GRID2012, Apeldoorn, Netherlands
exhibition (Artefacting): (may) Urban Culture Project @ Blue Frog, Mumbai, India
publication: (feb) U2 roadies @ Stageco 2012 brochure, Belgium
publication (Artefacting): (jan-feb) Throwing Into The Corner @ Artscope, USA
exhibition (Artefacting): (jan-mar) Immersion @ Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center, Cambridge MA, USA
+ 2011
publication (Artefacting): (dec) Abstractions Based on Academic Drawings; Community Service Based On Dreams @ Art Students League's "Lines" magazine, USA
exhibition (Artefacting): (nov) Artefacting Detroit @ Local Project, Queens NY, USA
exhibition (Artefacting): (oct-nov) Immersion @ Queens Museum of Art, Queens NY, USA
publication (Artefacting): (oct) Taking Time For Soccer At Junkyard In Queens @ New York Times, USA
publication (Artefacting): (oct) Willets Point workers stage soccer match: Weekend tournament, art show give visitors a look at another side of the gritty Iron Triangle @ Times Ledger, USA
publication (Artefacting): (sep) N.Y. group's Detroit art project raises red flags with neighbors @ Detroit News, USA
publication (Artefacting): (sep) "Tulsi Pipe" @ La Repubblica, Italy
publication (Artefacting): (sep) Artefacting Mumbai @ Telecinco, Spain
publication (Artefacting): (sep) Welcome to Dharavi @ Montanan, USA
exhibition (Solo): (sep) U2 behind the scenes @ ACEC, Apeldoorn, Netherlands
exhibition (Group): (sep) Preview Apeldoorn Fotostad @ ACEC, Apeldoorn, Netherlands
exhibition (Group): (sep) 100 clicks 4 change @ Palacio Valentini, Rome, Italy
exhibition (Artefacting): (aug-sep) Immersion @ Mercy Corps, Portland OR, USA
publication (Artefacting): (aug) The Dharavi Akademi of Art @ The Times of India, India
printwork: (jul) "U2360 by Blue Steel"
exhibition (Solo): (jul) U2 behind the scenes @ Magnetic Hill Music Festival, Moncton NB, Canada
publication: (jun) La Lettre de Photographie, Paris, France
exhibition (Group): (may-jun) Outsider @ Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan, Delhi, India
publication: Art New England, USA
publication: PIX, India
exhibition (Group): The Evolution of Power Movements @ Stoop Gallery, Brooklyn NY, USA
publication:, USA
publication:, Germany
publication: Amici dei Popoli, Italy
exhibition (Group): Noble Bronze finalist at Provocation @ powerHouse Arena, Brooklyn NY, USA
publication: Cedar Rapids Gazette, Cedar Rapids IO, USA
publication: Artefacting Mumbai at Shoot4Change, Italy
exhibition (Artefacting): (jan) The 13th Compound @ Dharavi, Mumbai, India
publication: (jan) Indian Express, India
publication: (jan) Times of India, India
publication: (jan) OfNote Magazine, India
+ 2010
publication: (dec) Hindustan Times, India
exhibition (Artefacting): (dec) Artefacting Mumbai @ Kala Ghoda gallery, Mumbai, India